ata-4011 high voltage power amplifier

maximum output voltage: 160vp-p (±80vp)
maximum output current: 1arms
bandwidth (-3db): dc~1mhz
slew rate: 400v/μs

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ata-4011 is an ideal single-channel high voltage power amplifier that can amplify the ac and dc signals. maximum output voltage 160vp-p (±80vp); output peak current 1arms, matching with the mainstream signal generator, realize perfect signal amplification.


the input is bnc interface, the input resistance is 50ω and 5kω, perfect matching with the high/low internal resistance signal source.


the output is banana binding post. maximum output voltage 160vp-p (±80vp), maximum output current 1arms.

lcd displays

ata-4011 is provided with lcd to display the equipment state and parameters dynamically, the operation interface is clear at a glance, concise and easy to understand.

voltage gain

the voltage gain of ata-4011 power amplifier is variable (x0-50, 0.1step), gain displayed on lcd, be adjusted to the required voltage quickly. 


1/100 monitor: the port voltage is 1/100 of output port, the monitoring port is bnc connector that can be connected with the oscilloscope for monitoring the output voltage in real time.