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design and application of high voltage amplifier based on minimum energy structure of dielectric elastomer


the minimum energy structure of dielectric elastomer is a new type of flexible actuator designed by combining the electro-deformation of de materials with the deformation of the flexible frame. the so-called minimum energy refers to the minimum energy of the entire system when the actuator is in equilibrium, and when stimulated by an external voltage corresponding deformation occurs, but when the external voltage stimulus is removed, the system returns to the energy minimum state again. high-voltage amplifiers are also widely used in soft-body driver designs for dielectric elastomer minimum-energy structures.


in the performance test of the soft demes driver with the minimum energy structure of the dielectric elastomer, the schematic diagram of the test principle of the elongation and resistance force of the demes driver is shown in the figure. install "l"-shaped cardboard at the free end of the de driver, and hit the laser beam on the cardboard; (2) apply voltage to the de driver through the signal source and high-voltage amplifier; (3) with the continuous increase of the voltage, until the de film hits stop the test when worn; (4) convert the analog signal collected by the laser displacement sensor during the test into a digital signal and then transmit it to the computer.


dielectric elastomer is an electroactive polymer material that can be deformed under voltage excitation. it has the outstanding characteristics of large deformation, fast response, high energy density and high conversion efficiency. it is widely used in soft robotics, flexible sensing, biomedicine, energy it has broad applications in trapping and controllable optics. high-voltage amplifiers play an important role in the application of dielectric elastomers. according to the different voltage and frequency requirements of experimental research in different fields, aigtek independently developed the antai high-voltage amplifier, the maximum output voltage is 10kv, the maximum power is 10kw, the frequency is dc~25mhz, the voltage gain is digitally adjustable, and the digital monitor outputs the voltage and current in real time. , to help the development of my country's scientific research field.


through the above introduction, i believe you have a certain understanding of the design and application of high-voltage amplifiers based on the minimum energy structure of dielectric elastomers. if you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to the official website of aetna electronics aigtek is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of measuring instruments in china.