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application of high-voltage amplifier in electrostatic suspension control system based on high-speed vision


electrostatic levitation is a technology that uses the electrostatic force of charged materials in an electric field to overcome gravity to achieve a suspended state. the method makes the object in a state without any contact with the surroundings, thereby avoiding the contact and contamination of the material by the heating container such as the crucible, and effectively suppressing the heterogeneous nucleation. compared with non-contact material experimental methods such as electromagnetic levitation and air levitation, electrostatic levitation has the advantages that it can be suspended in a vacuum environment, can be separated by heating suspension, can suspend non-metallic materials, has less interference to materials, and has more stable control.


visual servo is a device that uses high-speed vision-based electrostatic levitation to control the ground experimental system in real time to realize visual servo electrostatic levitation on the ground. the electrostatic levitation system is shown in the figure. the images collected by the two cameras are sent to the two gpus, and then each gpu performs image processing. among them, the coordinates processed by gpu2 are sent to gpu1 through the serial port, and the actual coordinates are calculated by gpu1. after the actual coordinates are obtained from the solution, the corresponding control value operation is performed. finally, the corresponding control signal is sent to the da chip through the spi protocol, and the output signal of the da is amplified by the high-voltage amplifier and then sent to the electrode, so as to control the position of the charged sample.


aigtekata-2000 series high-voltage amplifiers are widely used in the field of electrostatic suspension. the maximum output voltage is 1600vp-p, the maximum output current is 500map, and the bandwidth (-3db) is as high as dc~1mhz, which can meet the voltage requirements for position control of different sample materials. antai high-voltage amplifiers have also become the best choice for engineers in scientific research fields in ultrasonic testing, mems testing, piezoelectric ceramic drive, particle sorting and other fields.


the use of electrostatic suspension control system can effectively solve the problem of sudden change of material heating power. through the above introduction, i believe that you have a certain understanding of the application of high-voltage amplifier high-speed vision-based electrostatic suspension control system. if you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to the official website of aetna electronics