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application of high voltage amplifier in stroboscopic imaging technology mems off-plane motion


mems is based on microelectronics technology, using silicon micromachining technology, lithographic casting molding (liga) and precision machining and other micromachining technologies. the key dimensions are in the range of submicron to submm. the general term for actuators and microsystems. among them, mems dynamic testing technology has become an important part of mems testing technology because it can test the three-dimensional motion of mems and analyze key data such as mems dynamic characteristics, material characteristics, and mechanical parameters. the study of how to record the instantaneous motion state during the mems motion process and restore the out-of-plane motion history of the mems surface is the key to the mems dynamic test technology to realize the out-of-plane motion measurement.


the mems off-plane motion test system first commands the arbitrary waveform generator to generate excitation waveforms, stroboscopic lighting signals and control signals through the stroboscopic synchronization signal editing and control software. the excitation signal drives the mems motion through the high-voltage amplifier through the coaxial cable, and the stroboscopic lighting signal. the stroboscopic lighting of the led is realized by the stroboscopic drive circuit, and the control signal is responsible for commanding and coordinating the work of the ccd camera, image capture card and nanopositioner; the momentary image of the object captured by the ccd camera is captured by the image capture card and stored in the computer the designated storage area is used for subsequent data processing. after obtaining the complete motion image of the object, the system transfers to the data processing stage, which is mainly completed by the image data subsequent processing software. finally, the experimental results such as the motion trajectory curve of a certain point on the surface of the object or the motion state diagram of a certain local area will be obtained.


the aigtekata-4000 series of high-voltage amplifiers have a wide range of applications in the field of mems testing, which are often used in phase micro-interference technology, micro-sensor technology, etc. ata-4000 series high voltage amplifier has a maximum output power of 452wp, a maximum output voltage of 310vp-p (±155vp), a maximum output current of 4arms, and a bandwidth of up to dc~3mhz.


through the above introduction, i believe that you have a certain understanding of the application of high-voltage amplifiers in the study of mems off-plane motion in stroboscopic imaging technology. if you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to the official website of antai electronics aigtek is a domestic high-tech enterprise specializing in r&d, production and sales of measuring instruments. it has been focusing on the r&d and manufacturing of high-voltage amplifiers, wiring harness testers, measurement calibration sources and other test instrument products.