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application of high voltage amplifier in the research of passive grating voltage sensor


fiber grating is one of the most rapidly developing fiber passive components in recent years. because of its many unique advantages, such as anti-electromagnetic interference, high temperature operation, small size, corrosion resistance, etc., it has been widely used in optical fiber communications, optical fiber sensing and other fields. with the continuous improvement of fiber grating manufacturing technology and increasing application results, fiber gratings have become one of the most promising and representative optical fiber passive devices. the emergence of fiber gratings has made the construction of complex all-fiber communication and sensing the network becomes possible, greatly expanding the application range of optical fiber technology.


with the development of optical fiber sensing technology, it is particularly important to study the performance of passive grating voltage sensors. the performance of the sensor is verified by building a verification and measurement platform of the inverse piezoelectric-grating voltage sensor. according to the nature of the equipment, the equipment used in this test platform can be divided into two categories: optical and electrical equipment. optical equipment mainly includes broadband laser sources and photodetectors to provide broadband optical signals and detect output optical signals; electrical equipment mainly includes function generators, impulse voltage generators, high-voltage amplifiersand oscilloscopes, used to provide and detect different types of voltage signal.

the sensor calibration test platform is shown in the figure. the signal generator is used in conjunction with the high-voltage amplifier to provide the sensor with basic wide-band, multi-amplitude sine wave, square wave, and triangle wave signals. the broadband light source provides the light source signal for the sensor. the output light signal of the sensor enters the photodetector through the optical fiber, completes the photoelectric conversion in the photodetector, and finally transmits it to the oscilloscope through the cable signal line for display. before testing, first check the smoothness of the optical path inside the sensor to ensure the reliability of subsequent signal transmission. specifically, the connectivity between the three ports of the optical circulator, the connection section between the optical circulators, and the optical fiber output from the sensor to the photodetector should be detected.


aigtek high voltage amplifier ata-2161 is widely used in mems testing, piezoelectric ceramics and transducer drive, particle sorting and other fields. it has become the choice of many researchers for its high voltage advantage in the research of grating voltage sensors. ata-2161 has a maximum differential output of 1600vp-p (±800vp) high voltage, which can drive high-voltage loads. the maximum output current is 40map, and the bandwidth (-3db) is as high as dc~150khz.


through the above introduction, i believe you have a clear understanding of the application of high-voltage amplifiers in inverse piezoelectric-grating voltage sensors. if you want to know more about high-voltage amplifier driver applications, please continue to pay attention to the official website of antai electronics www.aigtek. com. xi'an antai electronic technology co., ltd. (aigtek) is a domestic high-tech enterprise specializing in r&d, production and sales of measuring instruments. the company is committed to the research of related industry test solutions with high-voltage amplifiers, metering calibration products, wiring harness testers and other products as the core, and to provide users with competitive test solutions. aigtek has become a large-scale product line with a wide range of products in the industry. supplier of equipment and equipment.