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application of power amplifier in the optimization of piezoelectric inkjet print head


the piezoelectric nozzle uses the inverse piezoelectric effect of the piezoelectric tube to radially squeeze and deform the solid structure, and then realize the ejection control of the liquid droplets. its working principle is shown in the figure. first, the printing liquid is filled into the glass cavity and kept in the glass cavity due to the surface tension of the liquid. then, a power amplifier is used to apply a driving voltage to the electrode surface of the piezoelectric tube, and the piezoelectric tube can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy under the action of the inverse piezoelectric effect, produce radial deformation and then squeeze the glass tube. the radial displacement of the inner wall of the glass tube will cause the pressure wave of the liquid in the cavity to be generated, which will then squeeze out the liquid at the nozzle and form a liquid column.

the piezoelectric inkjet printing experiment system is mainly composed of three modules: a piezoelectric drive module, a hydraulic supply module and an optical camera module.


the signal is transmitted to the power amplifier through the function generator, and the plug-in plug of the piezoelectric print head is converted into a bnc interface, which can be connected to the power amplifier. at this time, a slight buzzing sound can be heard inside the piezoelectric print head, indicating that it is affected. the excitation of the pulse voltage is working normally. the optical camera module can observe whether the droplet swings from side to side and whether the flight trajectory deviates from the center axis of the piezoelectric nozzle. according to the observed droplet ejection conditions, the control parameters of the piezoelectric drive module and the hydraulic supply module can be adjusted to obtain a stable ejection pattern. droplets.


piezoelectric inkjet print heads have the characteristics of wide range of use, fast response speed, high printing accuracy, small droplet size, and good control performance. they have been widely used in many industries such as printed electronics, display devices, biomedicine, new energy, etc. field. the ata-4000 series power amplifiers launched by aigtek have a wide range of applications in the optimization of piezoelectric inkjet print heads, helping the development of science and technology in the fields of biomedicine and new energy. the ata-4000 series power amplifier has a maximum output power of 452wp, a maximum output voltage of 310vp-p (±155vp), a maximum output current of 4arms, and a bandwidth of up to dc~3mhz.


through the above introduction, i believe you have a clear understanding of the application of power amplifiers in piezoelectric inkjet printing. if you want to know more about power amplifier driving applications, please continue to pay attention to the official website of antai electronics