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      with the development of aviation industry in china, aigtek has established a cooperative relationship with well-known aviation manufacturers in china. and participated in providing wiring harness test schemes for key models such as yun 20, zhi 10 and zhi 20. and with xifei, shaanxi, chengfei, hafei to establish a depth of technical cooperation.

1. the distributed switch matrix system facilitates wire harness detection of the whole machine through flexible star connection or daisy chain connection -- the maximum complete cable length is up to 150 m;

2. up to 4096 test points for full function test.

3. modular design, convenient to expand the device and inject different parameter signals into the wire harness.

4. switch matrix lightweight design, easy to carry, precise adjustment.

5. the master-slave portable tester can be directly tested in the position where the cable interface is located (such as the pipes in the aircraft, the cabin interior).