Free Boxes

Hi, I’m Jason, in December of 2019 I moved, not terribly far, but the house that I moved from I had lived in for about 10 years. I didn’t realize it initially, but I had a lot of stuff. The furniture had been thinned out a little – but that wasn’t my issue……it was the smaller stuff, the stuff that needed moving boxes.

Now I did the usual stuff: I went to Grocery stores – I figured that they would be home to tons of moving boxes and crates. Sure I got a few free moving boxes, but it was time consuming, with a lot waiting around in the store – for, in reality maybe a dozen free moving boxes. I went on Craigslist – there were some for sale – but I wanted the moving boxes for free.

Nextdoor was great – I got some free moving boxes from another person who had moved, but that was a hassle too – having to be somewhere at a particular time when they may or may not actually follow through. All the usual places were the same, the office, yard sales, apartment complexes, Liquor stores, retail giants – I could get a handful of free boxes, but when I added up the amount of time I spent sourcing and going to pick up moving boxes it was insane.